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Futurists Seminar and Study Groups aims to study new concepts that will help us better understand the future and the factors that contribute to it. The undesirable things that we are experiencing now are the product of what we have done in the past. The changing images of man do point out these factors, but we believe that there’s more to it than meets the eye. As a member of the futurist association, it’s my duty to contribute to these studies that will guide humanity into a better future. For that reason, I am establishing study groups to dive into the topic.

Liberation Through Education for Professors

Most of my life has been spent teaching young individuals. For me, it was not merely a job or a profession, it is my life’s work. I’ve seen students burning time in the library and browsing on great selections of books. Those were the days when online shops like lazada and zalora are non-existent yet. Today, they can simply go online and find almost everything they need. Being the person in the middle, who have witnessed it all, I’ve seen the downsides and the advantages of it. This is the time when teachers should be more aggressive in getting their students’ attention. There are just too many options. It become harder to choose. While working on my retirement, I still want to use my time to help educators. We are in a time when we should liberate students to love learning instead of dreading it. If you are an educator who wants to learn more about the methods to make your teaching better, join my talks and speeches.